Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Chalie has been released back home

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We were contacted by Khun Francesca asking us to help her about her dog. She was very distressed due to lack of sleep and worry. She told us that her dog Anton (Chalie) now has been with a new owner in Chiangrai and she wanted to help getting Chalie back. The story is she had put Chalie for training at one of the dog training in Chingmai. At the same time she has developed a symptom of allergy and she thought she was allergy with dog’s hair. A couple came to the training and asked the trainer to adopt Chalie to live with them in Chiangrai. They said they have a big land and Chalie can run free in their house. By that point, Francesca had made a decision to give Chalie to this couple because she thought Chalie can have a good home. But after one month, she was missed him and went to Chiangrai to visit him. What she found is unacceptable as Chalie was on chain and they did not allow him to be free even when she asked to walk Chalie. So we decided to accompany her to get Chalie’s back. When we went there Chalie was in the small cage and jumped and cried with excitement to see Francesca. We explained to them that Francesca does not accept Chalie to be chained or in the cage and she wanted Chalie’s back. The new owner did not agree and said she has already given to them and they looked after him well. They said if she wanted him she has to sue him at the court. We have consulted with Francesca about the well being of Chalie and we did not want to go back without him and also to come back again is not easy to travel. We asked them what the agreement and they asked for the money that they looked after Chalie for 3 month for 30 000 baht. For the peace of mind, Francesca agreed to pay so we can take Chalie from these people. As soon as he was released he ran up and down and non-stop like he has never run for a long time. At the end both of them were reunion with happiness. We just want to warn people who want to give their dogs and cats for adoption, please check the new home how they will be treated and not capture in the cage or chained