Adoption Day Calendar 2016

This family

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This family, mother and 7 new born puppies, was abandoned by their owner. They were left outside on the side of the road. They are in our care at the moment. All puppies are looking for adoption. Please consider to give them a home by contact us on face book for phone 085 0355523.


Family survived from the gun shot

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This family was rescued from the Hill Tribe village at Fang Province. The mother was shot but has been survived. We took them to our shelter and the mother had been treated and now she is save and looking after her 6 puppies. The puppies are fine except one is paralyzed from birth and now having acupuncture treatment. All puppies are now up for adoption,. Please consider giving them a safe loving home. It is such a cruel world and they are very lucky to survive. Our contacted number are 085 0355523 or 081 6382105.


New hope for Sum Li

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Sum Li is very lucky to survive with 4 legs as she does not need to have one leg amputated. One of her paws has a deep wound due to the attack from a boar. When we took her to see the Vet, he decided to amputate her leg in order to avoid a serious infection. But because she has a blood parasite and severe anemia, the Vet can not operate on her till her red blood is back to normal and she needs to take doxy for about 4 weeks. During this period, we have cleaned and dressed her wound every day and given her an antibiotic. After 3 weeks, her wound was healed quickly and we can see only a small wound which is healing. We took her to see the Vet for checking, and to our surprise, he has decided that Sum Li does not need to have an operation at the moment but we will wait and see in the future if any problem occurs. Sum Li is lucky to survive with 4 legs; she does not have 3 legs for the rest of his life. Our hard work has paid off and we give Sum Li another chapter of his new life.


A helping hand from students

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Students from Chiang Mai University joined force to raise fund for our cat shelter. This is part of their curriculum which involves community services. They organized a fund raising by setting up a booth and donation boxes at the market. At the end of the project, they raised 5000 baht and donated to our cat shelter. They also brought many bags of cat food. We taught them how to feed and take care of the cats. We would like to thank you for their hard work and generosity


Please help donating pampers for Leo.

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Please help donating pampers for Leo. The previous pampers that we have received are too small for him. We need sizes M or L to keep him cleaned and dry. Leo is in the process of acupuncture treatment and his condition is improving but he still needs to continue his treatment till he can control to pass urine and faces by himself. Thank you for helping Leo to have a life that he deserves.


Pum Pui, a puppy with disability from birth.

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Pum Pui, a puppy with disability from birth. His spinal cord has been damaged which caused his two back legs being limp. He was rescued from the hill tribe village from Fang together with his 5 siblings. His mother was shot but has been survived. Now they are at our shelter. We have decided to give Pum Pui acupuncture treatment at the hospital. He already had the third treatment and he needs to have at least 8 treatments to see how his condition can be improved. We also give him physiotherapy to his back legs. Our only hope is to see him can walk again. He is such a happy boy and always drags himself around to play with other puppies. You can help Pum Pui’s treatment by donating through our website


Bow and Bew

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Bow and Bew, an orphaned kittens, have been adopted by Khun Borirak one month ago. They are very happy at the new home and have not been separated since. Thank you Khun Borirak for giving them a loving home.


Why sterilize your pets

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Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, in cooperation with the Veterinary Faculty, Chiang Mai University, organized an education program for pet owners to learn why they need to sterilize their pets. As many pet owners do not take responsibility for controlling the population of their pets. Many people still have an idea that it’s natural for pets to get pregnant and have babies but they do not think about the consequence that follows. If they have too many puppies and kittens, they cannot look after them and end up abandoning them on the streets or in temples. This will cause problems as these pets will be street dogs and cats and they have to try to survive by searching for food from garbage bins, or they be tortured by human beings. There are so many cases where dogs and cats have been poisoned to death as people do not like them around. This problem can get worse and worse if we do not help by stopping this circle. The most effective solution is to sterilize female and male dogs and cats. The idea of having an injection to stop pregnancy can cause more harm than good to pets, because if they have too many injections, this can cause the infection in the uterus which then needs to be removed by operation. Also, if the female dogs and cats are already pregnant and they have an injection, this can cause the death of the babies and is a risk to the mother. Male dogs and cats also need to be sterilized to make them less aggressive, so that they do not wander around and fight with others. Sterilization of your pets is not a complicated procedure – the wound will be healed within 3 -4 days, and after 7 days the stitches can be removed. For male dogs it is even simpler, as it’s a very small operation and the wound will be healed quickly.

The students decided to make a play about sterilization of pets so it’s easy for villagers to understand. At the end of the show, we gave a questionnaire and all people said they want their pets sterilized but they need support from the government for a free sterilization as they can not afford it. We will bring this issue to talk to the Livestock Department and also the Vet faculty of Chiang Mai University. This is a pilot project, and as the outcome is very positive we would like to widen this project to other areas in the future.