Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Love conquers the world

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This photo shows one of the sterilized female dog lives happily at Wat Subpunya temple. We have started the sterilization project with the temple in order to control the population of the dogs in the temple. We would like to praise all the monks who have helped this project successful. They helped catching the dogs and took them to our shelter and picked them up after a week. Now all the female dogs at the temple had been sterilized and we are happy to see them live happily at the temple and with the community.


Nam Tan is buying his time

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Nam Tan has been with us for almost 3 years. He and his 2 friends were rescued from the condo around Wat Jed Yod. The aunty who looked after them did not know where they were from. May be somebody dumped them and they came to live around the condo where the aunty lived. She gave them food so they lived around there but the owner of the condo hated them and did not want them to be around. He was so cruel to them by hitting them with a big wood and injured them. The aunty was very scared for them and contacted us to take them away before they would be beat to death. She loved them so much but she did not know how to keep them. So Nam Tan and his friends were brought to our shelter. Last week, Nam Tan had spasms and passed out with blood. The Vet checked and told that Nam Tan has diagnosed with the last stage of kidney failure and also serious anemia. He can do nothing and just have to wait for his time. We took Nam Tan back to our shelter so he can feel like home. We gave him a drip and vitamins as he is very weak and did not eat any food. Nam Tan is a fighter, he is fighting and now he can walk around and ate some food. The aunty and her family came to visit Nam Tan last week, this help Nam Tan to fight to live. They are very upset and cried when they saw him. We are trying the best to help him alive and make him happy for the time that he has left. Don’t give up Nam Tan, we will be at you side till the end.


Rang was rescued by Daniel from UK

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Rang was rescued by Daniel from UK who used to live around Nong Hoi area. Daniel noticed that this dog came running around his house and looked lost. He was very scared but when Daniel put some food for him, he came to eat and disappeared. He was very skinny and his back legs seemed to be very weak. He came everyday for the food, after a week, he seemed to be more friendly but still scared as there are many dogs around this area. He always hid under the table or in the corner. Daniel contacted us if we could take him as he has to move and nobody would take care of him, he will have slim chance to survive. Now Rang is at our dog shelter, he enjoys food and has put more weight already. His back legs are stronger and can walk almost normal. He is a friendly handsome dog. Rang is looking for permanent loving home, if you give him a chance, he will give you an unconditioned love forever.


Santisook’s cat house – a happy family

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We are Santisook Cat’s resident. You can see from the photos that we are well taking care even through we have to share everything cause we are a big family. Sometimes food is not enough but we are happy and thank you for the staff that taking care of us. We love to go out and have a sun bath. What we really need is a place to call home and a family that can give us love. Please come to visit and play with us and very important, please do not forget to bring some treats for us. Thank you ka…


VDO of Pum Pui, the disable puppy from birth.

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VDO of Pum Pui, the disable puppy from birth. She is an incredible flighter. Please watch vdo

We have rescued Pum Pui, her siblings and her mum from the Hill Tribe village. Her mum escaped death from the gun shot wound. Pum Pui has shown her incredible courage and fight against her odd. She has a high spirit and never given up. You can help Pum Pui by donating for her treatment. Now she having acupuncture to help her condition.


Dio has been diagnosed with Ecthyma..

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Dio has been diagnosed with Ecthyma (bacterial infection to skin).When he first moved in our shelter, all the disease was inflected all his body. He needs to have continuous treatment as the disease can come back when his body is low immune system. He needs to have a bath every day, taking allergy and anti-biotic tablets and rub with Genta Micin cream. It is a long process and time devotion. But our staff work very hard to make sure that his condition will improve and he has a quality of life.


Minou, one of cruel cases

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Minou was rescued by Meli and Dianna from Australia during their visit to Chiangmai in August. This cat was abused by someone, his whiskers were burned. They found them and asked the hotel staff who was the owner of this cat but nobody seemed to know about it. They said somebody abused him by burning his whiskers. They decided to take him to the Vet to check his health. As a result, one of his teeth was chipped, we assumed may be from the same incident. After a discussion, we had made decision to bring Minou to our cat shelter at Doi Saket for his safety. Now Minou is healthy, he can eat as normal and his whiskers have grown back. We would like to thank Meli and Diana for helping him from the hand of cruelty and giving him a secured new life.