Adoption Day Calendar 2016

A new life of rescued dogs

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All the rescued dogs have spent their time at our shelter. They need to take a medicine (doxy) for a while due to the blood parasite. We have a new member to join the two female dogs. The male golden retriever had been rescued before by a lady who called us. She surrendered the dog to us as she already has so many dogs in care. So they are all reunited and all have found a loving home. Thank you for everyone who has been so supported and offered to take care of these dogs. At the end, it’s a happy ending and we are so happy that these dogs will be loved and cared in the new homes.


Fluke with 3 legs

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When we first rescued Fluke from the side of the road, one of his legs was hit by a car. When we took him to see the vet, it has been a permanent damage due to lack of treatment from the beginning. Fluke has been with us for almost a year and he has not been able to use one of his legs. We have decided to amputate his damaged leg as it causes an infection and he will be better off without this leg. Now he is well and on the way to recovery. His wound is healed and he learns how to walk with three legs. Fluke is always dependent dog and happy to be around.


Deao before and after treatment

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Deao, 6 weeks after treatment, he has a serious skin infection called Ecthyma. This decease can spread to a big area if the skin has been scratched. The treatments include bathing daily by bactericidal soap, oral antibiotics and penicllin. remove crusts and apply an antibiotic ointment daily. Now his skin is almost clear and the hair has been growing back. Deao is a happy guy who always run to you to have a patch. You can sponsor Deao for his treatment by donating through our website


Poor little Ma Miew

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Ma Miew has been rescued from the VET hospital in Chingmai. The hospital called us whether we can save this poor cat. She has been paralyzed from her hip from hitting by a car. Her owner wanted the VET to euthanize her. It’s a hard work to look after a this poor cat as she need special care and help to pass her urine and feces by pressing on her stomach two or three time a day but we have decided to give her another chance. She is a lively little cat and love to wonder around the garden. You can sponsor Ma Miew to have a new life by donating through our website: