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Suffered little Ping Pong is fighting

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Ping Pong’s condition is improving and the operation is almost healed. He can walk with 4 legs but he will have a permanent limping in his rear legs due to the nerve damage in his hip. Ping Pong is still very lucky that he is not paralyzed but will affect his walk. One of his broken legs, the calcium has been grown to cover his broken bone so he can be able to walk without operation. Ping Pong has to be in the hospital till Friday. After that he will be moved to our shelter and will try to find home where he will be loved. This little one has been suffered enough and he deserves to have a happy life.


Ping Pong had an operation last night

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Ping Pong had an operation last night and he is very well recovery. The operation was successful, the VET has removed the infected tissue and part of the big lump from his stomach. Some part of the dark tissue need to send to the laboratory for testing. He still can not control his urine as his nerve on his hip was damaged. This can be a permanent damage or if lucky this can be improved by taking medicine to help improving his nerve. Also the bone in his tail is broken and may be need to be amputated in the future. The VET is so amazed with this little one how he can survive for almost 10 days with a bad infection inside. Ping Pong is a fighter, he just wants to survive. He still needs to be in the hospital for another 7 days. His wound needs to be cleaned and need to have antibiotic injection. We would like to praise him for his great fighting and never give up, you are gem Ping Pong.


need cat food and litter sand

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Santisook cat shelter has been looking after 140 street and abandoned cats and on the way to increase, this include injured, sicked and disabled, homeless cats and kittens. All our cats have been sterilized and finding a home for them especially kittens that we have rescued and born at our shelter from the rescued mothers. It is not easy to take care all of them because they have to be kept together, nevertheless they are from different places and can bring many diseases to other cats. However, we have tried our best to take good care of them and make them happy and healthy. Our goal will not be reached if you do not have support from you. You can help by donating cat food, such as dry or can food and also disposed sand for the cats and also toys for them to play. You are welcome to come and visit them. We open everyday and they are waiting for your help. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you.


Co Co is an old dog that we rescued

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Co Co is an old dog that we rescued from the side of the road, he was trying to search for the food from the rubbish trash. He is so skinny and has serious skin infection and anemia (low red blood cell). He has been with us for almost a year now and his condition is quite deteriorating with kidney and heart problem and he does not have energy to stand. We also give him a drip once a day to help him to have energy. At least he has a good life for a while with us and has somebody to take care of him at his last stage. ( 417 Views)

Today we have saved one little puppies

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Today we have saved one little puppies from the construction camp site. One lady posted in our face book about this little puppy which very bad skin problem and very skinny. He is about 3 months old but very skinny and looks very dirty due to living at the construction site. He has never had a bath and ate the food that left over. We have decided to take him as he deserves to have a better home. We called him “Cafe” and today he had a bath and looks clean now. He needs to have a blood check, vaccination and ready for a new home within 2 – 3 weeks.



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5th October 2014Buck died today, in the early hours. Despite my efforts and the great efforts of my vet, Dr. Pat, he passed away, needlessly, and so poignantly, on World Animal Day.

Look carefully at the photographs and ask yourself: “Who could do this? Who could stand by and be indifferent as a once dog dies of hunger, thirst, fever, mange and serious anemia. Well, you’d be surprised, but many “nice” people did just that.

I met Buck a month ago while driving along a country road not far from my house, the road to Prem International School where nice people live. It was early, around 6:30am and dark. He was alongside a grass verge near houses. Something about him made me slow down and he trotted after me; he could smell the food I always carry to give to the hungry dogs I meet. I stopped and fed him, three bowls full of good nutritious food. He ate ravenously.
He was big and impressive in size, but in very poor shape, underweight, with a skin problem and wounds on his back and top of his head. There was yellow puss in his eyes. A good sign was his terrific appetite.

He was there the next day and the day after that and I fed him. He seemed to be hanging out around a wide gate with a big yard and cottages behind and I fed him. Then he disappeared. Every day I passed looked out for him, but with no luck. Two weeks later I saw him again behind the gate. I pushed food under the gate for him. I wondered if he had a home in there. He certainly lived near homes and people. Several times I stopped near the gate, but never saw him until last Monday 29th September. H e was on the road by the gate. But what a desperate mess he’d now become. I’ve seen films and photographs of animals in this condition, but never in the flesh. He was a walking skeleton. His spine, ribs and hip bones protruding, his stomach reduced to almost nothing, his fur mostly gone he was covered with red, suppurating sores; he smelt awful. He was filthy and covered with dirt and mud. He had difficulty in standing; his rear legs were weak. However, he ate well, putting away two big bowls of food. I decided to take him out of it.

With the help of an assistant I got him to my vet’s clinic. I hoped to have him thoroughly washed, but that was dashed when the vet took his temperature; very high indicating serious fever and bathing was out of the question. He also suffered from well entrenched, mange. She took a blood sample for analysis and bathed his wounds. She administered an antibiotic injection and gave me medicine for his mange and fever. The vet asked for his name. I decided on Buck, after the great dog in Jack London’s immortal story: The Call of the Wild. I took him home.

I placed him with a bed on the closed veranda of a cabin along with his food and water bowls. The following day, the blood analysis came back and thankfully showed no sign of the e.canis parasite, but he had serious anemia. The vet prescribed treatment. I was to administer blood supplement, an anti-biotic and treatment for his mange. And each morning I’d take him to the vet to have water flushed into him by a drip. It was going to be several months work to bring him back. I felt that was fine.

By Thursday, he declined all food and began to sleep. Giving him his medication was difficult. In order to get it into him, I took him back the vet each day. I hoped with all my heart for him to regain the strength to recover, but it was not to be. I last saw him around 9:00pm on Saturday. By 6:00am he’d passed away.

I feel that indifference is a greater form of cruelty than cruelty itself. People who say: “I didn’t do it.” “He’s not my dog.” “It’s not our responsibility” and then standby and do nothing while terrible things occur are so terribly guilty.

God created animals for their innocence. But man he made with higher things in mind; giving him intelligence and the ability to think and reason. He also handed him a conscience, to know right from wrong.

I buried Buck beside our spirit house where three other dog friends who were poisoned earlier this year lie. I cut a little fur from the tip of his tail to keep as a memento of him and our brief friendship. We estimate he was around 5-6 years old. His story we don’t know. But once he’d been a very handsome, beautiful dog. For me, his sad death symbolizes the pitiless, dark, awful side of humanity.
Tony McManus, Chiang Mai.


Mui Li with her two brothers

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Mui Li with her two brothers, Heng Heng and Aung Pao. These three siblings have been adopted from us and Mui Li is the youngest sister who has been adopted last week to add to the family. They said the two brothers love a little sister and try to protect her. Happy family!! ( 510 Views)

Hello, my name is TIRAMISU

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Hello, my name is TIRAMISU because I’m sweet, lovely, cuddly and my color is white and brown. I have the same spots on my legs that my new mum on her arms, this is proof that I am the family. The other dogs and cats are very friendly with me, so I’m happy in my new home.

Thanks a lot for this beautiful girl we found today on Airport Plaza. Our dogs said WELCOME… She’s sooooo lovely – Habi- Baumeister ( 430 Views)

Rest in peace Jadi

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Today we received a sad news from the VET that Jadi has lost his battle and passed away this morning. He did not in pain and died because of his weakness from blood inflection. Jadi has lost his battle after a flight to survive for almost a week after he was thrown from the car and attacked by the dogs. If someone called us as soon as the attack, he could be survived, instead he left to survive by himself for almost a week before we rescued him. It’s very sad to think about how he struggled to survive by himself for that long. Rest in peace Jadi, your little spirit is in heaven now. ( 380 Views)

Report on Loung today 26 Aug

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Have visited Loung today, we are happy for his improvement. He cans response to touch and voice, when we touched him he tried to move and make noise. His can react when we talked to him. The VET said it will be a long road to his recovery but we do not give up on him. He is a fighter and fight to live for almost 2 weeks. When we first admitted him to the hospital, the VET warned that his condition is very serious and he has a chance to survive only 50% and if he survives, he can have problem with his brain. We know that it will be a long time to recover but we always have a hope that may be some miracle happened to him. ( 380 Views)