Adoption Day Calendar 2016

A sad life of Yoda

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We have been contacted in our face book about the dog that in a very bad condition and had been abandoned in the area about 1 weeks ago. We went to check the dog and we have name him Yoda. The first day we could not catch him as he was scared and tried to run away, we had to stop as it was getting dark. Next day we went back and saw him standing at the same place. We had to circle him and finally we could restrain him. During we took Yoda in the car, one woman saw and she asked if we will take him for treatment. She said he was put in the bag and his mouth tied up and left in front of her office one week ago. She was feeding him and contacted us for help. We gave Yoda a bath and we saw that his has a big cuts in his head. Somebody must tortured him before left him there. Yoda did not have distemper but he has fever and low red blood cell. He was very weak and his skin is seriously effected by mange and yeast. Yoda enjoyed the food and he needs to have a on-going treatment at our shelter. If you want to donate to help treatment for Yoda, please donate through our website; We would like to thank Gloria and Nicola, our volunteers in helping us to for this operation.


Co Co was rescued from the street

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We found Co Co on the side of the street in Chiangmai, he was so weak and hardly stood on his feet. It looked like he was very sick, we stopped our car and checked for him. His condition was quite bad, very skinny and has skin problem. It looked like he has been abandoned for some times. We checked with the owner of the stall around there, he said Co Co and his sibling were abandoned on the side of the streets many months ago. His sibling was killed by a car so it left him alone and searching for food. He has been sick for 3-4 months and nobody care for him. We have decided to take this poor dog as we did not want to let him die on the street. The VET checked his condition, he has a fever and has been checked with distemper and parvo. When his health is improving, we will care and try to find a loving home for him. You can sponsor Co Co for his medical bill and food by donating through our website:


Nam Tan is an old dog who has been with us for almost 3 years.

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Nam Tan is an old dog who has been with us for almost 3 years. His owner could not take care of him. Nam Tan needs continuing treatment for his skin, also he has problem with his eyes. We took him to specialist and he needs to have a drop in his eyes every day. Now his eye’s condition is deteriorating and his both eyes are almost blind. He can walk around the area and loves to sit on the bench. He will walk to you if he heard a footstep as he knows he will get some treats. Nam Tan is an old dog that needs love and care, we will give him till the last day of his life. ( 332 Views)

Need fund for Soda’s operation

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Poor Soda needs to have an amputation of her right rear leg due to serious infection in her deep wound. The VET has decided to do it in order to protect infection into her blood which will cause fatality. The operation has to be done as soon as possible. Please consider donate for Soda’s operation on Monday, the total cost will be around 3500 to 5000 Baht. We need to have fund for her operation. Please help Soda by donating money into our bank account or through Pay Pal by getting into our website.


Donation for cat food

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We are in need of cat food for our cat shelter. There are about 120 homeless cats in our care. Cats are difficult to look after than dogs as they can get pregnant more often than dogs. They also have more diseases such as Aid and Leukemia. Cats have often been forgotten as you can not see them but they are there. We are the only foundation in Chiangmai that has been taking care of homeless cats. Please come to visit our lovely cats and please donate some food our them. You can see our map on our website:


Found Dogs : 2 very cute puppies found around my building.

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Found Dogs : 2 very cute puppies found around my building.
I am looking for their owners, I am sure the puppies are too !!
Please help find their home !! They miss their home
They both have collars, are very friendly, and love each other…
( this is the second time I am looking for the owner of lost dogs, the last time it had a very happy ending, I hope this time will also have a happy ending and these puppies find their home too ) ( 493 Views)

Need fund for Chok

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Chok was hit by a car and his spinal cord was broken, he also has a wound from attacking by dog. The lady who found him took him to the vet clinic. As the result for the car hit, he is paralyzed from his hip. He can not walk and pass his urine and feces by himself. Chok needs an ongoing treatment for his wound from the dog’s attack which now has a bad infection. The lady asked if we can help with the on-going treatment as she has no time and no available fund for medical bills. We had a discussion and have decided to take Chok in our care for further treatment. We need your help for Chok medical bill as we have to pay high medical bills each month for our dogs and cats. You can help donating through our website


Little Nokia and Samsung are growing up.

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Little Nokia and Samsung are growing up, they are strong and healthy. Both of them were abandoned in front of our shelter since they are 1 week old. Now they are almost 3 weeks and eating puppy food. Both of them are looking for good home. Please contact us if you want to adopt them to your family.


Need wheelchair for Soda

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Soda needs wheelchair to help with walking. She has lost her control nerve around her legs and feet resulting a paralysis on her two back legs and her feet flip backward when she walks. Soda has to drag herself by using her two front legs. This causes a cut and wound around her feet. We have to clean and dress her wound every day. We have decided to make wheelchair for her so she can walk with her two front legs and prevent the wound at her feet. The cost for the wheel chair is 3500 baths. Please help Soda by donating for her wheelchair. You can donate through our website: