Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Six rescued puppies from the resident.

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Six rescued puppies from the resident of Provincial Electrical Authority, Chiangmai Province, are up for adoption. They used to live under the underground beneath the apartment of the staff. The hole is very dark, humid and full of dust. All of them have skin problem and need to be treated. Now they are healthy and very beautiful and handsome. Please contact us if you want to give them a loving home.


Updated Jadi’s condition

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Today the VET advised about the blood check of Jadi, he has a serious blood infection and anaemia (low red blood cell) due to lack of nutrition and water for a long period of time. The VET said he hardly have a blood in his body and the only he can survive is to have a blood transfusion. Today we took 5 cats from the shelter for blood test and two have matched blood but the VET chooses one male cat for a donor. Now she his condition has improved and he has more strength but the VET still have to give him antibiotic every 8 hours. The VET still has to observe his condition tonight. We just pray that he can pass this trauma and survive against the odd. Please help Jadi for his medical bill by donating through our website:


You can help Jadi by donating.

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Today we received a call from a lady who asked for help, she said the kitten has been injured as somebody thrown him from the car 3-4 days ago. The kitten was crashed very hard on the ground and then the dog saw and ran to attack him. He was injured and ran into the brush and nobody saw him again till 2 days ago he dragged his legs and came out to find food. He came to the same place and was in a terrible condition and then disappeared under the tree. We went there a have a look for him, we saw him hiding in the hole under the tree, the ants were eating him, and he is very weak and suffered with breathing. We saw his injury from the dog’s bite and the wound started to have infection. We took him to the VET straight away for checking, the VET said his condition is not good due to dehydrate and lack of nutrition, also his wound has been infected. The VET had given him a drip and Ampicillin injection. The VET told us he is needed special observation tonight, if he can get through tonight, he can survive. We have given him the name as Jadi, you can help Jadi by donating for his treatment through our website: ( 0 Views)


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Santisook dog and cat rescue foundation will have an adoption fair on Sat 27 September 2014 from 11.30 to 4.30 pm at Airport Plaza, Chiangmai, ground floor in front of KFC. Please come and visit our booth, we have so many cute puppies and kittens for adoption, we also have some goods to sell. All the money will go to buy dog and cat food and medical bills. See you there!!!


Looking for Volunteers to help at our stall

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We are looking for volunteers to help selling souvenirs at Sunday market from 5 – 10 pm or can help with adoption fairs at Airport Plaza, twice a month. We will take our puppies and kittens to find a home. The money we can raise will be spent for food and medical bills for our dogs and cats. Please contact us if you want to volunteer with us, or call Khun Lek at 085 0355523 or Khun Fon on 081 6382105 ( 359 Views)

Cola is one of the dogs that we had rescued..

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Cola is one of the dogs that we had rescued from the earth excavation centre, she is waiting for sterilisation. Cola is doing well, she has put more weight and happy with her friends. This weekend all the 6 female dogs will be sterilised, you can donate to help the cost of the sterilisation by log in to our website and donate through our pay pal. ( 343 Views)

Need help to sterilize these cats

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We had been contacted by a lady who wanted us to rescue 10 dogs and 27 puppies. They have been lived in an isolated area and now during rainy season it very hard to get in by cars. We went to visit her house and we quite shock to see many cats are living in small cages. They are all together 21 cats and all female. She said they are strayed cats and she is looking after them. She has put the cages in the brush area, the cages are so dirty and never been cleaned, water blows were full of cat waste. We spoke to the lady that cats should live freely, they should not be in a cage, if you want to feed them just put the food for them and let them roaming around. She said the reason for caging them is she does not want them to pregnant as she cannot afford to sterilize them. We understand her good will and we will try to help her, as a result we have decided to take all 21 cats for sterilization. After sterilization, some will go back where they were by letting them free and some will be resided at our shelter and we will try to find homes for them. Sterilization is the answer for over populated cats and dogs that why our mission is trying to sterilize strayed cats and dogs as many as possible. Sterilization can help your pets to have better health and stop the unwanted kittens and puppies. We need your support and donation to cover the cost of this sterilization project. You can donate through our website or transferring to our account.


Please donate to help Lung

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Lung is a lovely dog but her owner dumped him at Moo Ban Aua Arthorn Complex in Chiangmai. He is very lively and friendly with everybody. Last night, Lung was hit by a car but he survived. The lady called that he was still breathing and need to be treated urgently. We asked her to take Mee to the hospital urgently for treatment. He was still unconscious due to the hard hit on his head and he had an internal breeding due to the torn lung. The VET said his chance is 60/40. After admitted or two days, the cost of the treatment is already 2700 bahts. We expected to pay more for his treatment as he is quite serious condition. Please help Mee to have a chance to live by donating through our website: or transferring to our account: Santisook dog and cat rescue foundation, Siam Commercial Bank, Saving, Account number 403 783 4644. Please inbox to tell us for your donation for Lung. ( 448 Views)