Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Thank you for Khun Raveewan and her friends

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Thank you for Khun Raveewan and her friends

who help donating for medical treatment and caring for Lin. They donated for 4200 baths today and 1000 baths when we get to bring Lin to our shelter. Now Lin is safe and her condition is improving. We would like to thank for taking care of her before we rescuing her.



Low-cost sterilisation available

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For the next few months Santisook will have veterinarians available to perform sterilisation surgery on dogs and cats. We are providing this service for a low fee, to assist people who are caring for street dogs and to assist underprivileged people who can not afford the fees charged at a vet clinic. For more information please contact 085 035 5523 or 081 638 2105, or email To make a donation to support this important service please see the donations area on this website.

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Lin – rescue dog from Hang Dong

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On Friday August 21st, Santisook was contacted about a dog who had been dumped in the Hang Dong area of Chiang Mai. We went to investigate and found a female Shar Pei, hungry, scared and suffering from skin mange and painful swollen joints. She was very unsure about us at first, but with the help of some fried chicken we coaxed her into a cage and took her to our San Patong dog shelter. She is now receiving veterinary treatment and has food and shelter – she will be feeling a lot better very soon!



Offering ceremony at Wat Mae Yuak

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Today we had a ceremony to make and off-season offering of robes and other needs to monks at Wat Mae Yuak, Mae Rim, and Chiang Mai in order to raise fund for our organisation. Today we can raise 323 820 baths to pay for the medical bills and food for our rescued dogs and cats and also for the stray dogs and cats that in need of medical attention including sterilisation. Sterilisation is the only answer to control the population of street dogs and cats. We can not do our mission on our own, we need you financial support to carry out our rescue mission.



Schedule adoption a dog at Airport Plaza, 2015.

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Calendar schedule adopt dogs Airport Plaza, 2015 here.

Many adorable dogs a home. Come to play with the younger guys like it if requested to adopt it. We also have a lovely product sold to raise funds for food and nursing sisters.

Saturday, January 10
Saturday, January 24
Saturday, February 14
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Saturday, November 7th
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Saturday, December 12
Saturday, December 19



Miserable life of dog called “Oon”

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Today we have received an emergency call by a woman who found a dog, may be hit by a car, and sit in the drain on the side of the road to Mae Oon, which is about 40 kilometres from Chiangmai. When we reached there, we found a dog with disable front leg sitting very quiet there. She tried to stand up but could not so we took her to the VET hospital for check up and x-ray. From an x-ray, she has a broken pelvis but not the hip which is very lucky as she still have a chance to walk again. The VET advised that she does not need to have an operation but needs to take calcium and phosphorous to help the bone to join back again which can take time. We gave her a name “Oon”, she is very nice dog with friendly character but she has a very tough life. Now Oon is at our shelter and we will look after her till she can be able to walk again even with three legs. Her front leg needs to be amputated as it can not use and can cause infection. You can help Oon by donating via our website:


Lonely Nill, living with pain

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We have been contacted by a lady who said she found the dog living under the bridge by himself and noticed that his rear legs are limping when he walked; she suspected that this dog might be hit by the car. She tried to feed him everyday and she thinks that may be this dog will have an owner but could not be found. She could not find him for almost 2 weeks, when she saw him again, he could not walk with 4 legs but has to drag himself with 2 front legs. He looks very skinny and in a bad shape. She decided to take him home but she could not take him to see the vet as her family has not got money to pay the bill. When screamed when he walked may be from the pain. She contacted us for help, and we went to see him next day and decided to take him to see the VET for checking about his legs. From the x-ray, the bone from his hip was come out from the socket and that caused him not to be able to walk. The VET said if he has been treated immediately after the accident, we can save him and he should be able to walk again but this is too late and he won’t be able to walk like normal. He still has to use his 2 front legs to drag himself. But with physiotherapy and some calcium supplement, it can help him with his walk. Now we have dressed his open wound from his legs and start giving him doxy and calcium supplement. We also help him with physiotherapy his rear legs and hope that he should be able to walk even his four legs again. Please help Nill by donating via our website:



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Tomorrow please do not forget to stop by at our booth for our third adoption fair, we have very cute puppies for adoption and beautiful hand made photo frames and tissue boxes for sale. Don’t miss, we will have antique cars to display and you can take photos with this prestige cars and donate money for our dogs and cats. Come and have some fun!!!!