Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Family of twelve arrived from Bangkok

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A full house at Santisook cat’s shelter as a family of twelve including mother, father, and their kittens has arrived from Bangkok last Monday. Mum and dad are strayed cats and had been fed by a young girl who worked as house keeper in Bangkok. The house owners were very unhappy and asked the girl to get rid all of them. The girl did not know what to do and since then two of the family had been dumped in the garbage bin by the house’s owners. The girl called Khun Fon and pledged her to rescue this family from a tragic dead. Khun Fon flied to Bangkok and brought them back to Santisook’ s cat shelter in Chiangmai. They are a full house for us but at least they have survived. The kittens are lovely, vey playful and about 2 months old. If you would like to give them a home, please contact Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue on our face book or email:


Story of Mali

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Mali was rescued from the hill tribe village in Mae Kachan, Chiangri Province. Every day Mali came to visit two foreigners who have been living there. One day when Mali came to see them, they found that one of her eyes was injured and the eye has popped out from the eye socket. They were very concerned as if she was left like that it will be risked of infection which can be fatal to the cat. They brought Mali to Chiangmai and took her to the vet which her injured eye had to be removed. They asked the vet what caused the injury, the vet said it must be caused from human’s attack as there was no sign of injury from dog’s attack or any other signs. Both of these foreigners have to go back to their countries soon and they contacted Santisook to look after this cat. As a result from health check, she is pregnant and from the x-ray, she has 4 little kittens. Now Mali is in our care and she will have babies soon. We have decided to take her in as it will be a great risk to take her back to the village which probably she will not be lucky as this time. You can sponsor Mali and her kittens by visiting our website : and see under donation.


Nami – The Dog Whisper and Bodhi

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Nami – The Dog Whisper and Bodhi Nami Kim is a retired lecturer from the Hansin University in Korea. She has been permanently settled in Chiangmai for almost a year. While the Korean animal lover is not a vet, she is blessed with a special skill to address a canine’s emotional state of mind, much like a psychiatrist. After six months in the northern city, she decided to use her talent to work with troubled, stray dogs she found in town. It didn’t take her long to begin volunteering at the local dog shelters. It was very much by accident that Kim stumbled upon what she calls her special “telepathic” powers to communicate with dogs. She puts the acquisition of the skill to become a “dog whisperer” down to practising Vipassana meditation. “Being a dog whisperer is different from training a dog,” she explained. “Dog training for me equates to dominating the dog, while to be a dog whisperer means listening to it.””Dogs suffer from trauma, both physically and emotionally, like humans. Whisperers heal traumatised dogs that suffer from heavy stress, or who have gone through immense cruelty. When I am able to connect with a hound, I start a conversation with them. Basically, what I do is to ask the dog to open its mind, share its story, and then I apologise for what humans have done to it.” After months of working with Bodhi, she has begun to show improvement. Her eyes show no more fear, she looks stronger emotionally and is now more open to exploring her environment. The hound uses her two front legs to show excitement, and begins to make doggy sounds, as her curious eyes meet Kim’s. Nami uses her whispering and touching to heal Bhodi’s scar. Every hour that she has spent time with Bhodi, she has improved and gains her trust with people little by little. And now we cannot believe how she becomes so friendly and want to be around with people. Thanks to Nami who has turned Bodhi’s life around, and we are happy to see this is happening in our shelter. It is a good sign that there are more to be healed. Working with dogs is a gift. We tend to underestimate dogs, caring about psychological characteristics of dogs is important. Dogs suffer from trauma too. A Dog has an intelligence of an average 3-5 year-old child (ability to learn 300 words). They can also get hurt with emotional depression. Dogs need whispers just like we need psychiatrists. Not only are there vets for physical care, but also whisperers for psychological care. All dogs need love, just as humans and living things need love to survive. Whisperers are healers listening to what the dog has to tell you. Whisperers read the minds of dogs just like dogs read our minds & energy, with more than five senses. Humans and dogs have the same five senses in common, yet they perceive the world differently. By learning dog whispering you can understand what your dog needs and feels. If you are interested in learning how to get connected with your dog, or if your dog has a psychological problem, please contact Nami Kim at, or call 090 759 1656. You may also contact or visit Santisook Dogs and Cats Rescue or visit if you want to see how Nami whispers to the dogs.


Wheelchair for B B

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B B has been paralysed from hitting by a car. We rescued him from the busy road and try to give him a better life. Thank you for people who donated money to sponsor his wheelchair especailly Adrian Walsh. Now he can walk like normal dog and enjoy his walk around the shelter. He is such a beautiful dog and we would like to find a happy home for him.



Fluke has a new life

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Fluke was found on the side of the road behind Payab University, he looked like a rug as he curled himself in a small shape. He was very skinny and his hair was so dirty and tangled all over the body. He has a patchy hair with a serious skin problem, it looked like he never had a bath in his life. As we had a close look, one of his front leg was bent and could not straight out, his broken leg has fused in bending position. His leg and shoulder had been broken and had set in this awkward position.. He also had 14 wounds on his body, some open, some partly healed. We asked the people who sometimes feeding him, she said she did not know where he came from. He has lived on the side of the road and was hit by a car for sometimes, she tried to help him by giving him medicine but she could not afford to take him to see the VET. As we took him to check with the VET, It’s too late for any type of surgery. Since he has been treated with skin problem, his skin is improving and the hair is growing back. He is in good shape now even he has to walk with three legs. You won’t be able to recognize him if you don’t see his photo before. We have given him a new life like many other rescued dogs that we have saved them, giving them love and a safe place to live.. Fluke is one sample of how we will continue our mission to rescue miserable street dogs and cats to have better lives. You can sponsor Fluke for food and medical bills by donating through our website www.santisookdogsandcatsrescue .org


Bhodi explores life outside the cage

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Bhodi (previous name is Sua) was rescued from Lamphun with another 25 dogs. The owner died and they were abandoned and left surviving in the bush. We don’t know why her two rear legs were paralyzed. Before she was always hiding in the cage and afraid to come out but with the help of the dog whisper, Nami Kim, she is happy to come out to explore the world outside. She walks with her front legs and lifts her body up with her rear legs go straight to the front like gymnastic posture. She can move very fast with her two legs. Bhodi’s life has been suffered for so long before she can find peace and happy in our shelter.


Third Adoption Fair Sun 10 March

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Eight cute puppies are waiting for a loving permanent home. Please consider to add them to your family. They are friendly and good entertaining. Please drop by and play with them. See you there.


Duang Dee is waiting for a new life

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We found Duang Dee on the side of the road to Jom Thong. She was hit by a car and was left lying on the side of the road. When we found her, she was eaten by ants and ticks. She was so tiny and about 2 mths old. We took her to check with the VET, one of her rear leg was broken and her spinal was damaged so she can not pass her urine by herself. Because she is still young, the VET did not want to operate her yet. At the moment, she has to take calcium and medicine to help with her spinal system. Now she tries to walk but still limping. She is a very brave little girl. and loves to play with other dogs. Please sponsor Duang Dee to have an operation for her leg so she can walk and play like normal dog. She is lucky to be survived and have a new life waiting for her. You can log in to our website to see details for donation or please consider to give Duang Dee a permanent home


Helping Hand from US Army

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We were very welcomed the team of US Army who came to visit our shelter on 18 February. This team is part of Cobra Gold which is a joint military training between US Army and Thai Army. US Army which had been stationed in Phitsanulok, the army sent military personnel to help communities around Phitsanulok including Chiang Mai. These personnel including doctors, dentists, construction personal and including VET, would go around different communities with health care service. This group chose to come to our dog shelter at Nam Po Luang, Amphor Sankampang with the support of Livestock Department and Nam Prae Municipality. They help vaccination rabies and de-wormed all the dogs in our shelter which is about 250 dogs. To catch all the dogs had been challenged, all the Care Takers had to help catching dogs which are very wild and scared. We have to use many tactics like blanket and cornering them. At the end, all of them had vaccinated and de-wormed. We would like to thank you US Army personal who worked very hard and no fear. We are really appreciated your support and good will to our communities and our shelter.