Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Amazing VDO of Bhodi

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Remember Bhodi, a paralyzed dog we had rescued from Lampoon. Before she was so afraid of people and was scared to step out of the cage. Now look at her, she is so happy and no fear to come out and play with other dog. She could do wrestling and showing her gymnastic skill. Thanks to Nami, a dog whisper, who has been helping Bhodi to have a new life



Report on Chao Guay

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Little Chao Guay was hit by a car and one of his front leg was broken into 2 pieces. His bladder was also torn from the impact of the accident. The vet had operated his leg and stretched the bone by casting plaster for almost 2 weeks, he was also treated for his bladder and taking doxy for the pale blood due to fleas and ticks. Now Chao Guay is doing well, he can walk but still limping. He is discharged from the clinic and can go home today. The cost of his treatment is very high and we need your help. You can sponsor, adopt or donate to help Chao Guay’s treatment by log in our under donation


Need pampers for Leo

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Please help donating pampers for Leo. This poor little puppy was hit by a car and his spinal cord has been damaged which affected his excretory system. Leo needs special care and he has to wear pampers 24 hours. We have to clean his butt hole and change pampers every 2 hours to prevent infection from an opened wound. We desperately need stock of pampers for taking care of him.. If you would like to donate pampers for Leo (baby’s pamper size S) please contact us by email: or donate through our or if you are in Thailand, please send to our address: 193/155 Koolpuntville 7, Hand Dong Road, Tambon Mae Hia, Amphor Muang, Chiangmai 50100. Thank you


Leo needs help

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We have been contacted by Khun Nong from Rayong province asking us to help Leo, the puppy that had been injured and paralyzed two rear legs from hitting by a car. At the beginning we explained to her that first we have already 300 dogs to look after and second to look after a handicapped dog is a hard work but Khun Nong still insisted that Leo need a safe place to live, he lived at the temple and nobody looking after him. After consulting with our group, we have agreed to look after Leo but Khun Nong had to transport him to Chiangmai. Now Leo has been living in our shelter. He has open wound in his hip and rear leg from sitting in the same position so he needs wheelchair to help him so he can walk. It’s a big job for us but Leo is a wonderful and lively little dog. He is loved by everybody and other dogs. You can help Leo by donating money to help taking care of Leo or if you can adopt or foster him by contacting .Santiksook dogs and cats rescue


Three Dogs have been dumped at our shelter

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Two days ago, three dogs have been dumped at the front of our shelter. We are in the situation that we do not know what to do with them. At the moment, we have almost 300 dogs in our shelter and they are full packed. But when you looked into their eyes, they are so sad and confused. If they can talk, they will ask what we have done to deserve this. At the end, we have decided to keep them and will try to find new homes for them. They are 2 male dogs and 1 female and about 2 -3 years old. If anyone would like to give a home for these dogs or if you would like to help us to keep them at our shelter, please contact Santisook dog and cat rescue


Lucky Survivor

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Yesterday we received a phone call about the kitten has been seriously injured from hitting by a car. I was so depressed to see her condition but she is still alive and we asked the doctor to examine her. She has lost one of her leg and most of her skin has gone. From the VET’s opinion, he wanted to see her condition for another 2 days and then will make decision whether to put her to sleep. Now she is closely monitored by the VET, her wound need to be properly treated to avoid an infection. Her condition is still serious but stable. We hope she can pull off and survive this tragedy. Many cats and kittens have been killed on the roads every day, we always encourage the owners to sterilize female or male cats to stop the breeding circle which will be reduced population of stray cats. You can help Wasana by donating towards her medical cost, please log in our website or bank transfer to our account, please see details in our website.
Wasana has passed away yesterday
Poor little Wasana has passed away yesterday morning. She has stopped breathing and died quietly. Her spirit will go to heaven and she won’t be suffering anymore. We all love you.


Street dog called Pom Pom

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Pom Pom was found on the side of the road searching for food from the rubbish. She looked so skinny and no hair on her head. Khun Fon had to stop the car and checked out of him. When Pom Pom saw us, she came wagging her tail. From her condition, if we left her there, she won’t be survived on her own. We took her to check with the VET, she has serious blood infection and her ears are infected and full of maggots. She is so skinny and her weight is under10 kilograms. The VET had to clean her ears and gave injection to stop the infection. She also has to take medication for blood infection for a period of time and her ears have to be cleaned every day until the infection has gone. Now we took Pom Pom to our shelter and she is under our care. She ate so much as if she hasn’t been feed for many days. Her condition is improving, she is happy and always wagging her tail. When she is healthy, we will try to find a permanent loving home for her. This is one of many stories of street dogs which was abandoned and struggled to survive. You can help PomPom for her treatment by donating through our website


Mali – a surrogated mum

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a mother cat that gave birth to 5 kittens at his house. The mother took one kitten away and left behind 4 little kittens to survive on their own. The doctor asked if you can help to find a surrogated mother for these new born kittens as they have lived without milk for 2 days and the chance of survivor is very slim. We think about Mali, a mother cat who just had 3 new born kittens 2 weeks ago. We brought these four orphaned kittens to Mali for feeding. As mother’s instinct, Mali has shown her love to these kittens straight away and allowed them to suck her milk. Now the 4 orphaned kittens are doing well under care of Mali and hope they are all will survive. Mali’s story teaches us as a human being about the love and kindness that we should embrace each other and the world will be better place to live


Mali had delivered 3 beautiful kittens

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Mali had delivered 3 beautiful kittens last week. Both mother and babies are doing well. Mali was recued from the hill tribe village with serious eye’s injury and one of her eye had been removed. She is very brave girl and lucky to be alive. Now she is happy at Santisook cat’s shelter with the babies. If you are interested to adopt Mali’s kittens, please contact Santisook dogs and cats rescue by email


Cat’s Sterilisation Project

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Today five male cats had been sterilised as part of our program to reduce population of strayed cats in Chiangmai. Male cats need to be sterilised in order to stop the breeding circle. Female cats are very fertiled and can pregnant every four months. We are aslo help sterilisation temple’s and street cats. You can help us with our sterlisation program by donation through our website