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Bunjerd’s condition is a bit improved after the blood transfusion..

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Bunjerd’s condition is a bit improved after the blood transfusion but he is still very weak and hasn’t taken any food. The doctor has to feed him by tube. Today we had a serious discussion about what we should do with him. Even he survives from this, he still have serious dilemmas ahead of him. His both rear legs have to be amputated and as he had lost an anal passage from the accident which means he can not pass his feces by himself. It is a very extremely difficult decision whether to prolong his life or to put him to sleep. At the end, we have decided to wait and see his condition for another 1 – 2 days and we will have a final decision.



Latest news of Bunjerd 29/6/13

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Bunjerd is still in stable condition, he is quite weak due to his condition of severe anemia (low red blood cell) and unable to eat any food. Today, he had a blood transfusion donated by Santisook Cat Shelter, Nong Mek. We have to wait and see tomorrow whether Bunjerd’s condition will be improved. We will try any possibility to help poor Bunjerd to survive. But in the same time, we have already prepared for the worst as his condition was quite deteriorate when we took him in our care. Bunjerd’s condition will be updated tomorrow


Injured cat needs help

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This poor cat was injured by a car accident and found by a lady, Khun Nut. She was hiding under the house, Kh Nut took her to see the Vet , her one rear leg was amphutated to protect an infection. Now she is in stable condition and cared by Santisook Foundation. You can help donating towards Bunjerd’s medical bill through our website


Happy New Home

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Frackle and Spot aka Heng Heng and Aung Pao at their new home. They are so happy and well look after by Khun Wanpen and family. They even had special cake for them to celebrate the 4 months stay with them. Lucky dogs..


Little poodle survived

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This little poodle named “Nong Nai” was found by Khun Fon on the side of the road on the way from Chiang Rai. Nai and her sibling were tied together next to the rubbish bin. She stopped the car and check people around, nobody knows the owner of these dogs. One of the dogs lied still and not moving, she looked very sick. Khun Fon decided to take the dogs back to the hospital in Chiang Mai but sadly one of the dog died. She took Nong Nai for a check up, she has intestinal infection and blood parasite and had been admitted to the hospital for 19 days, her medical bill is 5000 Baht. Now she is a very happy girl and always loves to sit on the lap. As our medical bill each month is very high and we need your help. You can donate to help medical bill for Nong Nai through our website or if you can give her a loving home, please contact us on email or call Khun Lek on 085 0355523. Nong Nai is female, 2 years old and has been sterilized.


B B can run…..amazing

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B B was hit by a car and has been paralyzed from his hip. With lot care and hard work from our staff, his rear legs have a strength back and now he can run (very fast). He is not fully recovered 100% but at least he can have normal live like other dogs.  You can sponsor B B by donating through our website: