Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Adoption fair Sunday 8 January 2017

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Our first adoption fair for the year 2017 will be on this Sunday 8 January from 11 am to 6.30 pm. Please give our rescued puppies to have a loving home. They have been dumped at our shelter and we need to find homes for them. Please come to meet them, they are so cute and you will find the most royalty friend you ever had.

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Adoption Day Calandar 2017

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Adoption Day  2017


Santisook Adoption Fair 2017

  • January
8 Sun  22 Sun
  • February
5 Sun 19 Sun
  • March
5 Sun 19 Sun
  • April
2 Sun 16 Sun
  • May
7 Sun 21 Sun
  • June
4 Sun 18 Sun
  • July
2  Sun 16 Sun
  • August
6 Sun 20 Sun
  • September
3 Sun 17 Sun
  • October
8 Sun 22 Sun
  • November
5 Sun 19 Sun
  • December
3 Sun 17 Sun


Project TNR (trap neuter and return)

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We have started our project TNR (trap neuter and return) around area of Mae Kuang Dam. We trapped, most of them female, from the temple, school and stray living around the rubbish tip. Today we will neuter 25 dogs, we have a team of Thai Vet and volunteer Vets from overseas helping this project. The sterilization will be on 5 – 7 December at Doi Saket Municipality’s sports ground and at the cat shelter. Tomorrow we will neuter dogs and cats for people who have pets but can not afford to pay for the medical bill which we will ask for the donation. This project is the most important to control the population of stray dogs and cats and abandoned puppies and kittens. Please help us, any contribution will be appreciated.

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 See our video at here!!


This cat has been shot by elastic gun in one of the eyes

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This cat has been shot by the elastic gun in one of the eyes, it was quite serious and her eye had been damaged and need to be removed. Animal’s abuse is very common even we have protection law for animals but the penalty is minimum and people just ignore it. We need to help to find justice for the suffers caused by the human.

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Next Adoption Fair, Sunday 25 September

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Don’t forget to come and meet our lovely puppies, they are looking for permanent loving. Please stop by and play with them to see how cute they are. We also have merchandise for sale to raise fund for food and medical bills. The fair will start from 11 am to 7 pm at the shuttle bus stop next to the stair to KFC.


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North Bangkok Municipal Court has sentenced a 18 month.

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North Bangkok Municipal Court has sentenced an 18-month imprisonment without suspension of punishment for the 4th cases in the history of Animal cruelty!

The case involved a man who asked some cats for adoption from many posts via social media, but he ended up killing and having them lost, with a confession that he committed such crime for 9 cats

After a month of forwarding the prosecution and an order of investigation by the court, in 22nd of September, 2016, North Bangkok Municipal Court has finally sentenced the accused with an imprisonment penalty without suspension of punishment.

The accused: Mr. Panuwat Singsahad

has been sentenced, in regard to the Animal Cruelty and Animal Welfare Act, 2014, and according to the 9 cases with 9 victims, with 4-month imprisonment penalty per each case, with the total amount of 36 months.

However, since the confession were made by the accused and there has been an imprisonment penalty with a suspension of punishment before, the sentence has been reduced by a half and the suspension of punishment is therefore not necessary anymore, so the sentence would be 18-month imprisonment without the suspension of punishment.


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Say many thanks for volunteer!!

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We would like to say many thanks for volunteer veterinarian team Dr Paul Jenkins Dr Liz Jenkins Andreea Istrate for their amazing job in sterilising project of stray dogs and cats and big thanks Dr Amy Shroff for project’s fund support. Also thanks to Stephanie St Pierre for your coordinating and assisting our vet team. All of you have made things happened!! We miss your gays and thanks for all your work

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Another day for Adoption Fair, Sunday 28 August, see you at the Airport Plaza , we would like to find a permanent loving home for rescued puppies as there are so many dogs already at the shelter. Please stop by and play with us to see how lovey we are. The fair start from 11 am to 7 pm at the shuttle bus stop next to the stair to KFC.