Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Feeding time for our dogs, there are more than 300 dogs in our care.

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Feeding time for our dogs, there are more than 300 dogs in our care. We are in need of dog food, such as dry food, rice and mince. Please consider to donate dog food or money in helping us to continue our mission in helping street dogs and cats in Chiangmai to have better lives. Please donate through our website: or if you want to visit our dogs, please see a map in our website.


Sterilization project , Mae Chaem

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Santisook has joined sterilization project of dogs and cats at BEES Burm and Emily Elephant’s Sanctuary, Mae Chaem, Chiangmai. We are a co-coordinator in organizing VETs and transportation to Mae Chaem which is about 3 hours drive from Chiagmai. Burm and Emily Elephant’s Sanctuary has rescued a couple of elephants and allowed them to roam free in the forest. Emily also has volunteers staying at the village and have a firsthand experience working with the elephant in a natural environment. Apart from elephants; Emily has also taken care of dogs and cats in the village. She always concerns about the grown up population of dogs and cats, therefore she had contacted us to help with the sterilization, seven dogs and three cats have been sterilized as planned. This project has been supported by Diana who used to stay with Emily at the Sanctuary before; she also helped with fund raising for this project. We would like to thank Emily and Diana for taking care of village dogs and cats at Mae Chaem and hope we can have a joint project again in the future.


We would like to thank you for your donation of dog food.

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We would like to thank you for your donation of dog food, two bags of rice and some snacks. Your donation will help us to feed our dogs and cats, we are in need of dog food and rice. Please help us to continue our mission of helping street dogs and cats to have a better life. We open every day from 9 – 5 pm and please see the map in our website: ( 395 Views)

Battle between dogs and pets

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Santisook dog and cat rescue has joined “The battle between dogs and pets” organised by Pet Varieties at Airport Plaza, Chiangmai. There were many dogs, different breeds, birds, snakes, reptiles had joined this event. Everybody had fun with dog’s show and competition. We had a stall there selling T-shirt, hand out brochures and we took our rescued puppies for adoption. Eight puppies have been adopted and have a new home, very successful event for us.


Rescued operation–cruelty to animal

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Today we have received a call from a lady who asked us to check about the mistreated dogs. These two Golden Retrievers have been chained in the abandoned orchard for many months. The owner mistreated them by restricting their freedom and did not give them enough food to eat. This lady has been feeding them as much as she can. Both of them are skinny and not in good health. We went to the abandoned orchard with the police and the Head of the village in order to force the owner to release these two dogs to us. If not, we can charge them with cruelty to animal under the new legislation. At the end the owner agreed to hand them to us. We took these two to our shelter in a separated cage as they have not been vaccinated and have problem with blood parasite. They need to take doxy for while to get them back to normal. They are very beautiful dogs, very friendly and love to be with people. We are looking for a good home for them, if you want to have a new member to your family please think about adopting them. Considering what they had been through, we are sure they will give you love and royalty till the end of their lives. Please contact us through face book or email: or phone Khun Fon on 081 6382105 or Khun Lek 085 0355523.


All we need is love

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Khun Kim and friends came to visit our shelter and donated dog food, some rice and minced meat for our doggies. We are very touched by their generosity and spending their time feeding the dogs. They showed their love and kind to these abandoned dogs. What these dogs really want is love, they are very happy to see visitors came and played with them. If you want to donate dog food, we open every day from 9 – 5 pm. Please see the maps on our website


Our doggies have got lot of love

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Last Sunday, sixty students from the Demonstration School, Chiangmai University have come to visit our dog shelter. This was part of their studies about working with communities. They walked the dogs, feed the dogs and play with our doggies. They have learned about our history and our activities. They have also learned that there are many dogs and cats needing help. They can start helping by looking after their pets and showing their love to them or participating with some organization in taking care of street or temple dogs. We hope that they will share this experience and knowledge to their friends. The students donated some dog food, shampoo and some money for our doggies. We would like to thank you for the donation and spending their time with our dogs.