Adoption Day Calendar 2016

We are quite frightened when we saw something

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We are quite frightened when we saw something came out of Ngen’s anus which we had never seen before. We took him to see the VET and he has been diagnosed with Rectal Prolapse. Rectal prolapse is a condition in which the rectum (the lower end of the colon, located just above the anus) becomes stretched out and protrudes out of the anus. Weakness of the anal sphincter muscle is often associated with rectal prolapse at this stage, resulting in leakage of stool or mucus. After an x-ray, the VET decided to correct his condition by putting the colon back inside and stitched the anus as his colon is not folded against each other. Ngen is now safe and can eat as normal. He needs to have soft food all his life as solid food can cause rectal prolapse again. Please donate to help with Ngen’s operation as we still have big medical bills to pay. We have problem with PayPal at the moment but you can do bank’s transfer. Please check our account in our website:


Moo Daeng used to be street dog..

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Moo Daeng used to be street dog and had been taken care by a lady who owns a hair salon. One day Moo Daeng snapped the kid and the father wanted to execute her and give 2 days to remove him. We feel so sorry for her and have decided to foster her til she find a new home. she is a well behave and clever dog, a Thai back ridge. Moo Daeng has been fully vaccinated and sterilized. Please consider to give Moo Daeng a permanent home as she can not go back to the old place. Please contact Santisook by face book or email: if you want to adopt her.


Helping hands from our Volunteers

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We had two lovely volunteers working with us three weeks during April. Nicola Ellar and Marie Habedank are from England and Germany. Nicola used to volunteer with GVI at Mae Chaem before and Marie is an exchange student under AFS program. Marie has been worked as a Teacher Assistant at Saruburi which is a province to North Eastern of Thailand. She came to volunteer during her school holiday. Both of them worked very hard and happy to help our dogs and cats. They cleaned the cat shelter, fed the cats and played with them. They also helped with the vaccination of our dogs and gave them a bath. When we have a rescued call, they came with us and help catching the dog, his name is Yoda. When they went to surround him, the storm started with lightning and heavy rain but they are not afraid and the end we can catch him and took him to treat with blood parasite and serious mange. Both of them love animals especially dogs and cats and said their experience with Santisook is really make their eyes opened how we run the shelters and taking care of almost 500 dogs and cats. They said they never realised before how hard for us to keep these shelters going and this work is always go under noticed, it’s not a paid job but we do because we determine to help street dogs and cats to have better lives. We would like to thanks both of them for volunteering with us. Both of you have shown passion and determination to do anything to help our dogs and cats . Your contribution is very worthwhile and highly recognised by us.


We sincerely thanks to the group called

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We sincerely thanks to the group called “Thai-German’s helping hands to street cats” for your generous donation to our cats. This donation will be spent on cat food and medical treatment. Cats in Thailand is over populated and we need help to be able to control the population. We also would like to thank Khun Nattawan who is a coordinator and came to visit our cat shelter. We wish you a very happiness and good heath. Thank you kindly from all of our team. ( 404 Views)

Co Co had been treated and health

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Co Co had been treated and health checked by Ms Delphine Ronfot, founder of Blue Tail, an avid and enthusiastic animal professional who has been worked in developing countries in African and Asia. She came to visit our dog shelter and help treating our dogs. Co Co has a serious skin infection and also blood parasite due to negligence and lived on food from the rubbish bin. Ms Delphine advised that Co Co should have a bath with special shampoo and taking doxy to treat his blood parasite. He is a very nice dog and friendly, we hope his condition will improve and he will have a new life at our shelter.


Volunteers from Australia

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Diana and her friend, Emily, wrote about her experience at Santisook dog shelter

It was lovely to spend the day volunteering at Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue. We got to meet an assortment of dogs ranging from the cutest puppies to the elderly living out their final years in care. Santisook have a ‘no kill’ policy and they give a loving environment for many disabled dogs. These dogs are remarkable in their will to live. As a vet nurse I got to use my skills to help vaccinate and health check the dogs but I also loved the special bath time where we got to give extra cuddles whilst washing them. A fantastic day !


Story of Kimchi and Nugget

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Khun Shawna has adopted these two beautiful cats from our shelter and this is her story :

I have adopted two cute puppies from Santisook some months ago. These are their photos that I took recently. They are lovely and funny as well, the black one we named Kimchi (like the Korean food dish. I’m half Korean) because when I was eating some she kept trying to eat it too. Of course I didn’t give her any but the name stuck with her. And the spotted striped one we named her Nugget. She came with a Thai name it means Golden but we couldn’t remember how to say it. So my husband thought of Nugget like a gold nugget and it worked out as she will come to you when you call her. Kimchi is my daughters’ best friend and when she is at school Kimchi will stay with me. Nugget really acts like a mom to my kids. She scolds then when its getting time for bed and she won’t stop meowing and pushing them to bed until they climb in. She’s a big sweet heart and our little hunter keeping the bugs and geckos out of the house. She’s even kept my son away from a snake that got into the house. My family and I truly cannot thank you enough for these beautiful cats. We love having them.