Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Cat and mouse game with 6 puppies

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We have received a message for help from one of the officer who works for Provincial Electrical Authority in Chiangmai about the puppies with skin problem. The strayed mother gave birth to 6 puppies and they have been living in the hole beneath the flat. All the puppies have a skin problem and loosing hair due to living condition, they also have a lot of ticks and fleas. We went there with the tranquilizer liquid to mix with food for them as they were very scared and quite aggressive. We had to wait for a long time until they were a bit less agitation but they still ran away when we got closed to them. Our guy had to sneak in the hole and try to catch them and chase them outside. It took us more than two hours to catch all of them. Their skin condition is quite bad which start to loose hair and without proper treatment, they will loose all the hair and left only skin. We took them to our shelter for treatment, they have been dipped in a special liquid for skin treatment and later they will be vaccinated. They are lovely puppies as you can see, after treatment; they will be good looking puppies. About the mother, we have to go back and blow dart her and she will be sterilized and go back to her place.


The Leopard Cat

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This morning Khun Fon heard our cats making an aggressive noise so she went to have a look and with a big surprise, she saw an animal look like a cross between cat and tiger. It looked very weak, skinny and hungry. The cat came into the rice field behind the cat shelter. She climbed the fence and went behind the tried to catch her. Luckily she was very weak and no strength to walk. We checked with the animal expert, it is a Leopard Cat, this is one of the species is almost extincted. We called the Society of Wildlifel Protection and they will send the VET team from Chiangmai University to pick her up. ( 563 Views)

We rescued Sua from street

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We rescued Sua from street, he has a serious mange and his skin was cracked with blood. Now his skin condition is improving. We gave him doxy, bath with Malasab and Ivermec injection. His skin is dry now but he needs a bit time to improve until the condition is back to normal. We will update his condition after treatment. ( 0 Views)

Rescued dogs and puppies from Bo Din

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Rescued dogs and puppies from earth excavation centre have been moved at our dog shelter at Nam Bo Loung. There are 6 female dogs, 15 puppies and they are doing well. We have moved 7 puppies here and the less will be moved soon. They are well and the female dogs are waiting for sterilization and the puppies are looking for permanent loving homes. Please contact us if you want to give these beautiful puppies a home.


Dogs and puppies need help

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The lady called us for help about the dogs and puppies at the earth excavation area around Sankhampaeng, Chiangmai. She said there are more than 30 dogs and puppies around the earth excavation. They live with no shed to protect rain and sun and at the moment no food to eat due to the heavy rain and no car can and truck can go to the area. Sometimes the truck driver will bring some dog food for them but no work at the moment so the dogs are starving. The lady took us to the area but we could not get in by car because the road is so muddy. We had to walk about 4 kilometers to get in and out. These dogs must be taken there by the workers but now they are all moved and left the dogs and puppies behind. There are 5 female, 9 male and 27 puppies. The puppies born from the different mothers. As they are so many, not enough food for them. We took the dog food to feed them and plan to move the puppies out from the area and will try to find homes for them. The mother will be sterilized and we do not know where to place them as our shelter is very full and we cannot take more dogs. May be they can go back to the old area and we can help with food to feed them. Please spread the words if anybody would like to adopt the puppies, they are almost 2 months old and need to have home. Please contact us if you want to adopt them or can help with the sterilization cost for female and male dogs.


RIP Loung

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Loung has rested in peace now, we had to make a very painful decision to put him to sleep. For the last two weeks, his condition had been deteriorated and he had to put on oxygen. When we visited him yesterday, he struggled to breathe and just survived on oxygen mask. It is a painful decision but we have to help him from suffering. This is our second cases that we have to do. We had been checked with the VET everyday whether he had a chance to improve but with no avail. He was hit very hard on his head on the left hand side, his brain was damaged and he could regain consciousness. He was put to sleep last night to end his suffering and this morning we had organised a religious ceremony for him at the temple. The monks prayed for him and his body had been cremated. Now his spirit will go to heaven and we would like to thanks everybody for donating for his medical treatment and also all the kind support that we have received from many people. Loung has gone but we still have many strayed dogs and cats to look after til the last day of their lives. Please support us by volunteering or donating to help us to continue our mission in helping street dogs and cats to have better lives


We have rescued this family

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We have rescued this family of 8 from the owner who treated them very poor, put them in dirty small cages. They are malnutrition, very skinny and poor condition. We owner said that these dogs had given to her as the previous owner is very sick and could not look after them. We asked the owner to take all these dogs and will take care of them till they are healthy and we will find a home for them. The owner agreed to give all these dogs to us as she cannot afford to buy food to feed them. Now all the family are with us and we will sterilize the female dogs before advertise for adoption. For the cute five puppies, they will be vaccinated and we will try to find a good home for them.


Sterilization of our dogs and cats

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Assistant Professor Doctor Sudsan Sirivaitayapong and the volunteer students from Veterinary Faculty, Chulalongkorn University has organized a special project for sterilization of cats and dogs at Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation. They helped sterilized 9 female dogs and 1 male dog and 14 female cats. This is an excellent activity in controlling population of dogs and cats. The main objective of our organization is to sterilize dogs and cats as much as possible in order to decrease the population of street dogs and cats. Sterilization is the most effective way to control the population of pets and street dogs and cats. We can see so many puppies and kittens born and have been left to die from sickness and starving. We sincerely thanks to the group in devoting their time, energy and fund for this project. Your support will help us to carry our mission for helping street dogs and cats to have a better life.