Adoption Day Calendar 2016

These cuties have found homes

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Last Saturday, it was the first time that we brought kittens for adoption. As we have rescued so many kittens and they need to find homes. It was a happy day, 8 kittens have been adopted and 9 puppies found new homes.


Adoption Fair will be on Saturday 11 July, Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai

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Our next Adoption Fair will be on Saturday 11 July, from 11 am to 7 pm at Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai,

our booth is at the shuttle bus terminal next to the stair to KFC. As usual we have many cute puppies are looking for homes. Please drop by at our booth and play with our cuties, we also have beautiful merchandise for sale to raise fund for dog food and medical bills.

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Adoption Fair on last 28 and 13 June 2015

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Adoption Fair on last Saturday 28 June, six puppies have been adopted. Due to the rain pouring, the adoption did not go well like last week.

Saturday 13 June. Happy new homes!!! All 7 puppies have been adopted today. We are very happy that they have all found homes. All of them were born from stray mums. Two of them were abused by people who do not like them. One of them her leg was injured and she is limping when she walked. We would like to thank everybody who loves to give these puppies a new life.


Photos from the Adoption Fair 28 06 2015

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Sterilisation at Pack Squadron Army Camp

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On 22 – 23 May, we had field sterilization at Pack Squadron Army Camp at Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. There are almost 500 stray dogs living in this area which is very big more than 100 rai in total. The lady who is a horse rider contacted us to help with sterilization of these dogs in order to control the population. She also sponsors for the cost of this project. We brought our three VET volunteer at the camp and we sterilization there. As the area is so vast and the dogs are living in different area, it is very hard to catch them. We have to use dog traps, sedative drug and hand-net in order to catch them. Another obstruction was a heavy rain and the dogs tried to hind in the bush. In two days we had sterilized 20 dogs, male and female. We also rescue on dog with serious mange and need to be treated, also one puppy that they owner does not want to keep her. We will try to find new home for her. We will dog back again on 25 – 26 May to do more sterilisation.


Volunteer vet Ryan sterilises a street dog in Mae Rim


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Mai need help for her operation

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Mai was hit by a car and had been rescued from the street by a lady. Mai has been admitted in the hospital for 2 days and the lady who first rescued her had paid her treatment for over 2000 baht and she can not afford to keep her in the hospital. She contacted us and asked Santisook to take her case, from the x-ray, she has a broken jaw and swollen in her brain due to a hit on her face. She walked round and round which is a sign of brain damage. More serious is she can not eat by herself; we have to feed her some liquid food and water by opening her mouth and feed through a tube. Her condition is in a serious condition and she needs to have an operation to help her with eating so she can survive.Please help Mai to have a jaw operation which the cost is very high. We will take care of her till her condition is better and have some fund enough for her operation. You can donate through our website:


We met Tan at the temple

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We met Tan at the temple near our shelter, she has a very red skin and around her neck and on her legs. We asked the monk and he said Tan has an allergy and she scratched till the skin is very red and now with very bad infection. From his condition, we decided to take her to our shelter and treated her with antibiotic and Viotian to treat bacteria and fungi which caused infection and itchy. Tan needs to be bathed with medical shampoo once a week till her skin is better.


We would like to thank students

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We would like to thank students from college of Media Arts and Technology, Chiangmai University. They came to visit and see what they can do to help us improving the shelter. We have just finished our new fence as the old one was collapsed during the heavy rain. So they has decided to come back and paint our fence as part of their community support project. They came with 7 bags of cat food, nano and donated 7 800 Bahts to help towards the expenses of building a new fence. Thank you for your support our group in helping street dogs and cats to have a better life.



Today we took Ping Pong

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Today we took Ping Pong to see the bone specialist for her treatment. Ping Pong was hit by a car and her rear legs have been broken. But when the VET checked her condition, she has a big lump in her lower stomach. From the x-ray, the tissue of the inner layer of her stomach was damaged from the accident and that is the big concern. Due to the damage of this tissue, her intestine and kidney has been slipped through the hole and causes a big lump in her stomach. He recommended her to has an operation urgently as it is a life threatening. For the leg operation, he advised to leave it for a while as now he can walk although it is a bit limping. Tomorrow we will take her to the Small Animal Hospital, Chiangmai University for consulting with the VET about her operation. Please donate to help Ping Pong for her treatment, you can help a little one to have a chance to live by donating through our website:


Last week we had three volunteers helping us

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Last week we had three volunteers helping us with our adoption fair and also visited our dog shelter. They helped cleaning the cages and fed the dogs. They were very happy to play with them and taking care of them even for short time. They promised if they have a chance in the future, they will come to visit our dogs and cats again. Thank you for your time and hard work.


Abandoned cats at our shelter

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Yesterday, we found two cats were left in the carton box in front of our cat’s shelter. When we opened the box, to our surprise, we found two beautiful cats clinging each other. They seemed to be well care and have collars on their necks. They are very attached to people and love to be cuddled. We do not know the history of these cats, what happen to them and why they have been abandoned here. Why don’t they try to find a new home for them in stead of leaving them at our shelter which is the last place for homeless cats. Now we would like to find a home for them, they are female, and prefer to have a home in Chiangmai so we can be able to visit them for their well being. If you think that you can give them a good permanent home, please contact us through our face book or email: