Adoption Day Calendar 2016

we welcomed students from Ratchapat University

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Last Saturday, we welcomed students from Ratchapat University, Chiang Mai. They came as part of the study about community work. They brought some treats for the dogs and also donated 15 bags of dog food, shampoo and some money. This is such a wonderful activity which they chose to participate for community work. Thank you for showing your love to our rescued dogs and hope you will succeed in your study.


๊Our last day of sterilisation project at rubbish tip

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Today is our last day of sterilisation project at rubbish tip, Ongkarak Nakhon Nayok province,

89 dogs and 12 cats that live at the tip were sterilised in order to control the population of more than 100 dogs that are living at the tip. All through it is very hard to catch them but we have volunteers from many groups who worked very hard including blow dart and traps to catch them. These dogs are living on the rubbish that the trucks brougt from different areas. Life is hardship but they have freedom and learn how to live in the land that they call home.

You can help us to continue our sterilisation project for stray dogs and cats by donating through our website: or transfer to our account: Siam Commercial Bank, Saving account, Account number 403 783 4644, Account name: Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation


Sterilisation trip to Pattaya

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The Santisook team has just returned from a sterilisation trip to Pattaya and Chantaburi during which we sterilised 226 animals! Our team of vets and volunteers worked hard for 10 days visiting shelters, providing help and advice on how to improve the conditions of these shelters, and sterilising as many dogs and cats as we could. In addition to shelter animals we also sterilised street dogs and cats brought to us by caring members of the public who feed these animals and care for them as best they can – on one particular day people had been lining up since 6am for sterilisation and we worked until 10pm until we had sterilised them all.

It was a wonderful trip and we would like to thank the Pattaya Animal Coalition and all their sponsors for making the trip possible. We would also like to thank our wonderful volunteers and all the kind people in Pattaya and Chantaburi who are working hard to help give street animals a better life.








Welcomed year 6 student from Nakornpayab International

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Today we were welcomed year 6 student from Nakornpayab International School, Chiang Mai. They paid a lot of attention of how we are taking care of the dogs, food and medical treatment. The teacher has organised sponsoring program of the dog, they can choose a dog to sponsor and taking care of them.


Sterilisation at Wat Pa

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We had a field sterilisation at Wat Pa Dara Phirom, Mae Rim last week, there are about 10 females that need to be sterilised. The lady who looks after the dogs there contacted us for help. They do not want more puppies in the temple which can cause over population and it will cause problem for the temple. The temple always the place where many people dumped their dogs and cats when they do not want to keep them anymore. It is a big burden for the monks to look after them. As these population are growing, there are not enough food to feed them and also when they are sick. We are totally support sterilisation of the dogs and cats in order to control population of homeless dogs and cats.




These three kittens have been abandoned by putting in a card box

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These three kittens have been abandoned by putting in a card box and left at the entrance to the moo ban. They are so tiny about more than a week. They need to be fed every 3 hours and without their mum, their chance to survive is not good but we will try our best to look after them. This abandoned puppies and kittens won’t be stopped if the female dogs and cats are not sterilised.

Please contact us if you want to sterilise your dogs and cats.


The 50 rescued cats have arrived!

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The long journey is over and the 50 cats Santisook rescued from southern Thailand have arrived in Chiang Mai, safe and sound! It was a difficult journey, but a very interesting one. After travelling 1700km south to Hat Yai, Santisook was surprised to find that we were famous – word had spread about our rescue mission and we were inundated with kind offers of meals and accommodation for both humans and cats. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who was so supportive of our mission and a big thank you to all those kind people in southern Thailand spending their own time and money to care for street dogs and cats.

The cats were brought to meet us in Hat Yai as it was far too dangerous for us to travel any further south. A very kind lady allowed the cats to stay in her house that night, to rest in preparation for the long trip back to Chiang Mai. The next morning we set off early and the next two days were devoted to carefully driving the cats, stopping every couple of hours to clean them, give them water and make sure they were safe and comfortable. Our wonderful volunteers were tireless in caring for the cats and our driver did an amazing job driving safely and carefully for over 12 hours a day. Arriving at our cat shelter at midnight on Thursday night both cats and people were tired but very glad to be home.

Now, the cats have settled in nicely and are proving to be very sweet and affectionate cats. They have all been vaccinated and checked over by our vets; in the next few days we will begin sterilising the cats so they are ready to go to new, loving homes. After a huge journey and a tough start in life they are still all just typical cats – sweet, happy and always demanding food!

If you would like to adopt a cat please contact Santisook and to make a donation please see the donations area on this website.

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Long journey to rescue 50 cats

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Santisook co-founder Khun Namfon, along with some dedicated volunteers, has set off on the 1600km journey to southern Thailand to rescue 50 cats. A man living in the area took in the cats with the intention of caring for them, but is no longer able to do so. There is no other option but for Santisook to transport them to Chiang Mai, sterilise and vaccinate them, then try to find them loving homes. It is a huge journey, but thanks to very generous donations we have been able to hire an air conditioned minivan and buy enough food, kitty litter and equipment to rescue and care for these cats. If you would like to make a donation or are interested in adopting these cats, please contact the Santisook Foundation.

Journey to Hat Yai


Street dog Sterilisation at Army Development Battalion

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Today Santisook conducted sterilisation fieldwork at the Army Development Battalion military base in Chiang Mai. This was the last of several sterilisation days on this base – we have now sterilised all dogs known to be living on the base which will keep the population numbers down and reduce fighting between the dogs. Thank you to the Army Development Battalion for their cooperation.

Sterilisation at Army Development Battalion