Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Cat and mouse game with 6 puppies

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We have received a message for help from one of the officer who works for Provincial Electrical Authority in Chiangmai about the puppies with skin problem. The strayed mother gave birth to 6 puppies and they have been living in the hole beneath the flat. All the puppies have a skin problem and loosing hair due to living condition, they also have a lot of ticks and fleas. We went there with the tranquilizer liquid to mix with food for them as they were very scared and quite aggressive. We had to wait for a long time until they were a bit less agitation but they still ran away when we got closed to them. Our guy had to sneak in the hole and try to catch them and chase them outside. It took us more than two hours to catch all of them. Their skin condition is quite bad which start to loose hair and without proper treatment, they will loose all the hair and left only skin. We took them to our shelter for treatment, they have been dipped in a special liquid for skin treatment and later they will be vaccinated. They are lovely puppies as you can see, after treatment; they will be good looking puppies. About the mother, we have to go back and blow dart her and she will be sterilized and go back to her place.