Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Blue and Sam have been adopted by Tony and Ple.

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Blue and Sam have been adopted by Tony and Ple, they are very happy at their new homes. Blue used to have a home but the owner bought a new Persian cat and they fought each other, so the owner decided to put Blue to live outside the house. When it rained, Blue wanted to get into the house; the owner did not allow her to be in. The neighbor saw and felt sympathy for her so she bought her from the owner but her cat did not accept Blue to be a new member. So she asked us to take care of her. Sam came to our shelter since he was about 2 months old. One foreigner rescued him from the street. When she found him, he was very sick and skinny, living with some scrap food. He looked very sick so she took him to see the VET and looked after him till he was healthy. When she had to go back home, she contacted us to look after him. Now he has grown up and is a little brother of Blue. Blue loves him and they are bond together. Thanks to Tony and Ple who have been given them a happy home