Adoption Day Calendar 2016

Abandoned cats at our shelter

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Yesterday, we found two cats were left in the carton box in front of our cat’s shelter. When we opened the box, to our surprise, we found two beautiful cats clinging each other. They seemed to be well care and have collars on their necks. They are very attached to people and love to be cuddled. We do not know the history of these cats, what happen to them and why they have been abandoned here. Why don’t they try to find a new home for them in stead of leaving them at our shelter which is the last place for homeless cats. Now we would like to find a home for them, they are female, and prefer to have a home in Chiangmai so we can be able to visit them for their well being. If you think that you can give them a good permanent home, please contact us through our face book or email: