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๊Our last day of sterilisation project at rubbish tip

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Today is our last day of sterilisation project at rubbish tip, Ongkarak Nakhon Nayok province,

89 dogs and 12 cats that live at the tip were sterilised in order to control the population of more than 100 dogs that are living at the tip. All through it is very hard to catch them but we have volunteers from many groups who worked very hard including blow dart and traps to catch them. These dogs are living on the rubbish that the trucks brougt from different areas. Life is hardship but they have freedom and learn how to live in the land that they call home.

You can help us to continue our sterilisation project for stray dogs and cats by donating through our website: or transfer to our account: Siam Commercial Bank, Saving account, Account number 403 783 4644, Account name: Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation