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  • Adoption fair Sunday 8 January 2017

    Adoption fair Sunday 8 January 2017

    Our first adoption fair for the year 2017 will be on this Sunday 8 January from 11 am to 6.30 pm. Please give our rescued puppies to have a loving home. They have been dumped at our shelter and we need to find homes for them. Please come to meet them, they are so cute […]

  • Adoption Day Calandar 2017

    Adoption Day Calandar  2017

    Adoption Day  2017 Santisook Adoption Fair2017  January 31 Sat February 13 Sat 20 Sat March 12 Sat 19 Sat April 9 Sat 23 Sat May 14 Sat 28 Sat June 11 Sat 25 Sat July 9  Sat 23 Sat August 13 Sat 27 Sat September 10 Sat 24 Sat October 8 Sat 29 Sat November […]

  • Project TNR (trap neuter and return)

    Project TNR (trap neuter and return)

    We have started our project TNR (trap neuter and return) around area of Mae Kuang Dam. We trapped, most of them female, from the temple, school and stray living around the rubbish tip. Today we will neuter 25 dogs, we have a team of Thai Vet and volunteer Vets from overseas helping this project. The […]


Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation Chiang Mai

 Dog and Cat Rescue is at the heart of the Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation mission. We welcome you to our website. Here you will find information on the work we do; running three shelters, assisting local people in need with help for their pets, sterilizing and vaccinating stray animals, and rescue those off the streets who are sick or injured.  We are always looking for new supporters, and people who would like to volunteer.

We are a small group of Thai people who are dedicated to making Chiang Mai a better place for animals and people. Most of the 500 animals in our shelters have all been rescued from injuries and illness caused by hard lives on the streets. Unwanted pets, and their babies, are left on the street when the owner no longer wants them, puppies and kittens are born on the streets, with no vaccinations or someone to care for them they die of terrible diseases, are hit my cars, and are killed by local people who do not want them around. Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue gives the sick and injured a second chance. We provide veterinary care, good food, and a safe place to recover. Those who are healthy and friendly find new loving homes.

By working not only on dog and cat rescue, but also on the sterilization and vaccination of stray dog populations, we are providing a service to the local community. Rabies is a deadly disease that kills at least 10 people per year in Thailand, while over 400,000 are treated for post exposure for the disease, most due to dog bites. By sterilizing and vaccinating stray dogs, we are protecting people in our local community. Many dog bites happen when un altered male dogs are roaming the streets, or when pregnant or nursing moms are protecting their puppies.

Please contact us if you want to visit our shelter or would like to volunteer at the shelters. Please do make an appointment first. We need to make sure that the proper staff will be onsite to assist you.

Ms Chuanchuen (Lek) Ratanasen  (Thai/Eng) mobile 085 0355523
Ms Namfon (Fon) Hilgers (Thai/ Eng) mobile 081 6382105

or email:

Our address is at 17/1 Moo 1, Ban Muang Fu, Tambon Ban Mae, Amphor Sanpatong, Chiang Mai 50120. ( 11362 Views)

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